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The Process of Degeneration of Political Parties

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

There are many political parties with specific political ideologies and motivations. Although these political parties differ in terms of their missions or perspectives, they aim for the benefit of the country. When a political party takes over the state administration, it starts to realize its goals and promises with the power it has.

However, every political party that takes over the state administration deviates from its purpose over time and makes certain moves to consolidate its own authority. If power is used to consolidate the authority, it is a sign that the political party has started to degenerate. This political party, in which corruption begins, eventually loses the state administration and leaves its place to the heir of this cycle that will take place again. To another political party that will relive this cycle. This cycle is almost the fate of the overwhelming majority of political parties.

Because, after all, people form political parties and people are quite susceptible to being poisoned by power.

In countries with democracy, people with a common political view and motivation come together through certain political parties. These political party members work to change the things they don't like about the country's order or to realize the mission of their own political party. These political parties operating in the country can become the government through democratic elections, form a coalition with another political party, or try to contribute to the proper management of the country's administration as opposition.

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But ultimately, corruption is the destiny of every political party. Because political parties are run by people and people are pragmatist beings. Of course, concepts such as goodness and wisdom are concepts that can be attributed to human nature. However, the life of the creature we call human is short, and even if he puts the interests of the group he belongs to above his own, this person will eventually fall into the clutches of his own ego. Since people come together under a motivation in a political party, 'Our interests' will be more important than 'My interests'. But when this political party takes over the administration of the country, it gains power.

When power is obtained, it is now possible to realize interests. When this happens, 'my interests' will become more important than 'our interests'. In other words, as it can be seen, there is no reason why corruption should not begin within the political party once enough power is gained.

As can be seen, the most important factor in the onset of corruption in a political party is the power factor. In other words, for a political party to experience the process of corruption, it is an important requirement for it to gain power at some point, that is, to take over the administration of the country. The life and degeneration process of a political party that takes over the state administration can be easily explained in a cycle consisting of 4 phases:

  • Spark phase: People who come together around a specific purpose and motivation form a political party within a hierarchical system. The motivations that cause the formation of a political party are either a matter of national interest or due to the deficiencies and difficulties experienced during the current government period. This political party, which has presidents, vice-presidents, and different branches, starts working to realize its mission. The aim is to gather enough support and voters to win an election and take over the state and solve the problems.

  • Glare Phase: The political party that takes over the state administration because of a democratic election makes general arrangements within the mission of its political party. For example, the Conservative political party abolishes religious restrictions in government institutions, if any. Or a liberal party gives LGBTQ individuals and women the rights they deserve. These actions are important changes that will satisfy the citizens who voted for the political parties due to their mission. The political party, which fulfills its main missions and promises, gains the sympathy and trust of the citizens.

  • Glimmer Phase: Of course, a political party can't keep every promise it makes. After all, to win the election, it is necessary to influence the voters. The fact that some promises made by the political party could not be kept is unacceptable in public. Because the acceptance of such a situation leads to the perception of the citizens that the political party is weak and cannot provide stability. Therefore, the political party creates different agendas through the media to erase the problems it cannot solve and the words it cannot keep from the minds of the people. While it is sometimes another state or separatist forces that threaten the existence of the state, sometimes it is the elements that threaten the goals of the state. By using public diplomacy and propaganda, people are made to forget these troubles.

  • The Dim Phase: People don't forget. Since people's distraction with different agendas does not eliminate the problems, the artificial agendas created only delay the end of the political party. When the political party reaches this point, it can use its power in different ways in order not to lose the state administration. Dissident views may not be covered in the media, members of the government party can be brought to important places in state institutions, and many actions such as these examples can be implemented to strengthen political authority. With the occurrence and emergence of similar corruptions, the support and trust in the political party decreases, and eventually this political party loses the state administration.

Vincent M. A. Janssen/Pexels

The opinions expressed in this paper are purely based on my personal opinion. Of course, although there are differences in the life of each party that deals with the state administration, I do not see any harm in making such an assessment when we consider it in general. In addition, a political party must become a government to experience the degeneration process.

The Glimmer Phase experienced by each government party may differ from the other. However, corruption is inevitable, whether on a large scale or a small scale. Because, as I mentioned before, political parties are formed by people coming together. And humans are quite susceptible to being poisoned by power.

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