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What does ''notionist'' mean?

We call our opinion papers / columns as notions, therefore the authors are getting called as notionists.

What features should I have to be a notionist?

We expect our notionists to be open minded, motivated and dedicated. Other than that we welcome all people who are interested in IR no matter if they are still studying/will be studying/studied.

Can I be a guest notionist without getting included to the team?

Yes! You don't have to be a permanent notionist for us to publish your notion. We are welcoming the guest notionists. All you have to do is tick the ''I want to be a guest notionist.'' box on the application form.

What are your expectations for the notions that I will be writing?

We will be fine with every topic as long as it is under the umbrella of IR. We expect you to use max 1500 words in your notion. If you are going to use images, we also expect you to submit royalty-free images.

What benefits can being a notinonist ​​have for me here?

Humanotions offer you an international network that you can freely express yourself while knowing notionist all around the world. 

Is there any chance for me to get revenue through the notions I write?

No, we work voluntarily here to gain experience and present the ideas of

Gen-Z to the world

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