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design by: Aksel Hasbay

hüman at the core.

Art and politics are not separate entities, but rather two powerful tools that have 'hüman' at their cores. When these two come together, art adds depth to politics and politics gives art a broader perspective. This unity is essential for the development and progress of hümanity. As Hümanotions, we recognize and celebrate the deep connection between these two fields. 

Meet the enchanting minds behind the designs!

Guest Artists



Salvatore Borrometi

Designer, architect and creative mind.

BsC in Architectural Design at Politecnico di Milano, specialized into BIM and Computational Design
Pozzallo, Italy

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gencer özdamar bw.png

Digital Designer

Gencer Özdamar

I deliberately leave the resources I want to visualize open-ended; looking at the subject broadly in scope gives the freedom to blend many techniques.

BA of Communication Design at Yildiz Technical University, specialized in Illustration, 2D Animation, 3D Sculpting and Animation, Audio Visual Performances, User Oriented Experience and Interface Design. 
Izmir, Türkiye

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Alessandro Silipigni

The court jester for the King.

Bachelor student of European Studies and Design Student at Linnaeus University
Malmö, Sweden

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Visual & UI/UX Designer

Aksel Hasbay

Experimental aesthetics photographer through people & multidisciplinary designer through abstract visuals.

BA in Visual Communication Design at Yasar University, specialized in Digital Visual Design, Photography and Mixed Media around alternative realities.
Milan, Italy

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Garden of Eden by Aksel Hasbay
Kaosmos by Gencer Özdamar (AHURA)
Dkarma by Alessandro Silipigni
C00025 by Salvatore Borrometi
Notions of Hüma
Notions of Hüma
Notions of Hüma
Being successful in fine arts means being successful in all revolutions. Nations that can not succeed in fine arts will unfortunately be deprived of their place in the field of civilization forever.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


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A unique fusion.

Humanotions will feature a different artist every month to get the design of the site's social media posts. If you feel confident in expressing your perception of Humanotions through your designs, we encourage you to apply now.

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