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The Story of Hüma 

Hüma is a mythological being also known as the ‘bird of state’ in ancient Central Asian beliefs. 

According to the belief, when the ruler dies, the people and the heirs of the crown would gather in a square and wait for the Hüma bird to come. The heir of power which the Hüma bird landed on his shoulder would be chosen as the next ruler. 


It was also believed that the people who Hüma bird flew over would live in luck and abundance throughout their lives, so another meaning of the word Hüma is known as the bird of fortune. 


As Humanotions, we wanted to take the word Hüma to the origin for making a reference to humankind and state while the notion represents the political relations that we have established in this context. This is how the story of our name was formed, welcome to Humanotions!

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Our Story

In our globalizing world, we witness that the importance of International Relations is increasing day by day. This is a discipline that has evolution and regeneration in sync with our world in its nature. We were inspired by this dynamic nature on the path of creating the core values of Humanotions. We will synthesize the old and solid perspectives of the discipline with the dynamic and open-minded approaches of Gen-Z.


We promise you a brand new International Relations experience, true to its nature and still innovative. Our biggest goal is to bring you every different voice from every corner of the world with our multinational notionist team.

If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government then you are doomed to live under the roof of fools.

-- The Republic, Plato

Meet the Team

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