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Refugee Crisis, What Is The Solution?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Today, we will analyze the Syrian part of immigration, a big problem that has continued for a long while. As it is known, radical solutions were sought to the regime change demands that started in Syria about ten years ago, and as a result, the tension turned into a civil war. With the wrong decisions made by the Syrian government adopted the jihadist mentality and organized in a short time and carried out various bloody actions. Apart from Russia and Iran, which have already intervened in the region, America and Turkey have also participated in the war. Today, it is not possible to talk about the existence of a significant number of members of jihadist organizations in the region. Due to the war, many Syrian refugees tried to leave their homeland and continue their lives in various parts of the world, especially in Turkey.

Photo by Julie Ricard on Unsplash

The war is over, but is it possible to live with what's left? Do refugees want to return to their homeland again? It is a well-known situation that the regions where the war took place are in ruins. We are talking about the collapse of an entire state; Commercial activities have stopped, security and shelter needs have been ignored, and it is meaningless to even talk about the education and health sectors. Moreover, there is an irregular administration in many provinces. In this case, it is pointless to expect the young refugee population to return to their homeland.

States that which are a part of the war and experiencing the refugee crisis should allocate their resources to regional recovery and rebuilding projects that will be truly productive, rather than temporary solutions.

It is always better to teach someone how to catch fish rather than giving them fish every day. Instead of providing temporary aid to today's refugees of Syrian origin, it will be much more effective to produce attractive solutions related to their homeland. But it should not be late. Research so far shows that older refugees are still looking forward to their return, while younger ones are hesitant about the idea of returning. The value of hastily rebuilding the country's needs increases at this point.

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

On the other hand, a disorderly administration brings anarchy and chaos. It is known that local governments already exist in the region, but we have little information about how these governments work. Therefore, this atmosphere of anarchy must be resolved as soon as possible and a regular organization must be established. However, the people who are there and are targeted to be found will need resources in order to sustain their lives. These resources should gain a permanent production dimension instead of daily aid. Qualified personnel should be trained with assistance in the fields of Education and Health. Of course, it is pointless to expect these to happen all at once, but at least the relevant states need to take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

Although the nationalist thoughts that have increased with the refugee crisis seem harmless today, it is possible that they will reach more radical dimensions tomorrow.

Talking about law, justice and democracy can still be considered a glorious move, but it is necessary to focus on the solutions mentioned above. These people who came out of the war should be helped to get out of the war mentality and the young population should be given an efficient education. Undoubtedly, this will be beneficial not only for the target audience but also for us, the states concerned. Criminal matters related to refugees, especially cultural conflicts and increasing spending, will be replaced by a controlled return and reconciliation process.

Today, when we look back, the refugee crisis and its effects are on a global scale. Therefore, the fight against this crisis must also be global. If this crisis is to be resolved in the most civilized way, it is necessary to still have a homeland to which these people can return. If this homeland does not yet exist, everyone involved in the situation must take responsibility for its rebuilding. On the other hand, it is not sincere that the complaints made due to the presence of refugees are only complaints and there is no constructive solution.

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