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Interview with The Ambassador of Sweden about Russian Occupation of Ukraine

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Hi there! We are so excited to share our very first interview with H.E. Staffan Herrström, the Ambassador of Sweden to Turkey. Humanotions is a fairly new student-volunteer project. Reaching people and conveying Gen-Z's approaches to the International Relations discipline to you in the best and most reliable way has been our only goal since the beginning.

We are very happy and honored that His Excellency Staffan Herrström accepted our interview request. Also we are grateful to the Ambassador's assistant, Ms. Burcu Tazebay, for her support during the appointment-making process and the interview. We were so excited as Humanotions team and Ms. Tazebay really helped us to feel more relaxed. Moreover, from the moment we got to the Embassy of Sweden, the staff was very welcoming and positive towards us which we appreciate a lot.

When it comes to Mr. Ambassador, he clearly answered all of our questions during the interview. He was using gestures very actively and this definitely caused us to understand what he wanted to say better. As Humanotions team, we are very impressed with the way he described the occupation.

The words Mr. Ambassador has chosen to, become an excellent example of the use of diplomatic language for us. Clear, professional but still sincere.

It was also an amazing experience to have an off-the-record conversation with Mr. Ambassador. He answered our special questions and we really felt that he cared about what Gen-Z thinks and feels. He carefully listened to all of our questions and answered in ways that we admired. To sum up, we had an amazing experience during the interview and afterward. Thank you to everyone who supported us for this interview.

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