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Feel Free to Destroy

I was born in 1999. As a child, my primary source of information was the library since the internet was not yet widely used. Before I graduated with my Bachelor's degree, I was utilizing AI tools. From libraries to AI. Such an interesting journey, isn’t it?

It is quite interesting to observe the interaction between humankind and the AI. Many feels overwhelmingly strong while commanding orders to AI; many get overwhelmingly scared its power on us and the possible future outcomes.

Such dilemma.

Today, here I am after 9 months, having the guts to write for you, dear reader. And I ask: What if both parts are going to contribute to the end of the classic international order? What if both humans and AI get enslaved to power? I ask you.

And I ask one last question. What if one AI software superior nation feels free to destroy the other, just because their army is full of AI robots dedicated to killing the enemy? Such an apocalyptic but possible scenario.

The core danger and motivator that contributes in the International Relations discipline is for sure the security. After all the discipline itself gained its official importance later on the 2 occurred World Wars. The slightest change can affect the whole balance. No doubt, AI military tools will create drastic damage.

Photo by 8machine _ on Unsplash

In 2017 in one of his speeches, Vladimir Putin stated that ‘’the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will rule be the ruler of the world.’’ Considering that people at that time were barely pointing the AI in the field of International Relations, Putin was able to foresee the situation well.

During the war in Syria, the US army utilized Project Maven as well as the Chinese utilized the smart surveillance system, Skynet. Meaning that I am not pointing out a possible conspiracy theory. The governments have already started to use AI in the military field.’’

China, Russia, and the United States of America are the top 3 countries that work harder than everyone to develop the best AI software. As Putin said, the one who got the best can create a monopoly dominance. This eventually means that more and more military robots are going to be involved in the armament.

Photo by 8machine _ on Unsplash

This will certainly change the image of war and create a different mindset in the minds of political leaders. The country with the strongest AI power can effortlessly get on top of the system. The states that want to survive are obviously going to bandwagon. But the opponents… What would happen to our world when 2 AI-empowered armies get into a war? They will feel free to destroy.

I wish that Niccolò Machiavelli was here to see all.

What a time to be alive.


7th, 2023)

Peter Warren Singer, Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century, New York: The Penguin Press, 2009, pp.326- 344.

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