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What Happened To The Arts of Diplomacy?

Has Diplomacy failed us in a globalized 21st century?

Case Study: Israel - Middle East Sour Relationship from the Israel Perspective that Focuses on Palestine ad Gaza


In this opinion paper, I shall discuss the essence and importance of using diplomatic means to achieve peace using the Israel-Palestine relationship as a case study and also diving into the Historical background of the Israel-Middle East relationship through the Israeli perspective so as to have a better understanding and root causes of their sour relationship.

People usually link the art of Diplomacy with Democracy as it is seen, to be from a liberal perspective. Diplomacy, on the other hand, has lost most of its significance, core values and strengths over the years as international relationships between different states from different regions or even within the same regions have become more sour and weak than before.

The art of Diplomacy is supposed to cement a good, positive, and long lasting relationship between or amongst states (e.g economical, social, cultural relationship, e.t.c). The art of Diplomacy is also used to prevent wars from happening. i.e , “Its main core value and strength”.

Diplomacy according to some authors `` In its broadest sense, diplomacy refers to the conduct of human affairs by peaceful means, employing techniques of persuasion and negotiation".( D. Lee & B.Hocking in Bardie,2011:1). According to another source “Diplomacy is the art, the science, and the means by which nations, groups, or individuals conduct their affairs, in ways to safeguard their interests and promote their political, economic, cultural or scientific relations, while maintaining peaceful relationships”(). That all being said, we can all agree on a common definition and meaning to the art of diplomacy. I.e the art of a peaceful relationship amongst states.

Historical Background of Israel - Middle Eastern Relationship

We are going to dive into a bit of some historical knowledge to have a much better understanding about the Israel and the Middle East relationship in relation to Palestine and Gaza.

Firstly, Israel declared independence in the year 1948. The creation of Israel in the first place was majorly based on the efforts of the Zionist movement to establish an Independent Jewish state in Palestine.

The history of the modern Jewish state antedates its independence and may be traced to the nineteenth century, when secular Jewish immigration to Palestine grew and when the practical, modern effort to establish a state began with the development of political Zionism and the creation of the World Zionist Organization by Theodor Herzl”(Reich, 1991:1466). There was a wave of massive jewish immigration to Palestine during the Nazi regime in Germany and the Holocaust towards the end of the second world war.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

“In a real sense, Jewish history forms the pre-history of the modern state of Israel. understanding Israel requires inquiry into Jewish history as well as into the pre-state period of the British mandate and the Zionist efforts at state creation”(Reich, 1991). Also in the real sense the United states and Britain were in full support of the establishment of a jewish state in palestine even though the Palestinians reacted mostly negatively to the influx of Jews into Palestine and were not in support of a Jewish state in Palestine as they mostly turned into violent clashes between the Palestinians and Jews that mostly resulted to wars.

“The Arab League declared war, and the armies of the neighboring Arab statesentered Palestine to restore the territory to Arab control. The first Arab-Israeliwar-known in Israel as the War of “Independence” was a long and bitter onebetween Israel and the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq withassistance from other Arab League members”(Reich, 1991:1467). As a consequence of the war, Israel was able to capture more territories than had been allocated to it by the Partition plan. While portions allocated to Palestine came under Egyptian and Jordanian control.

Photo by levarTravel on Unsplash

There have been major ways of achieving peace in this region for more than a decade now but, it has never been solidified mostly between Israel and Palestine. Even though Israel and some other Arab states/neighbors have secured a peaceful co-existence between each other like (e.g Israel and Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon). However, achieving peace with Palestine and living like friendly neighbors have been mostly impossible after series and series of violent confrontations between each other. My question is why over the decades it has been so tough

and difficult for peace to reign in the Middle East region most especially the Israel - Palestine relationship?


Lastly, as we have concluded the root causes of this sour relationship from the Israel perspective, it would only make more sense to have a look at the Palestinian perspective too. Understanding the root cause of their sour relationship through their historical background shall help us have a clearer picture in relation to what’s happening today between Israel and the Middle East, Palestine in particular.

The only solution to a long lasting peaceful region or relationship/cohabitation is through the art of diplomacy and should be taken more seriously so as not to result in any type or kind of war in future. Instead of shedding the blood of innocent citizens, why not have a series of talks and peaceful negotiations between each party, so as to come to a mutual understanding and conclusion for the sake of peace. The UN should be held highly responsible for any act of misconduct or violation of the peaceful co-existence of the Israel-Palestine relationship and also the UN is expected to play a very vital and important role in the pursuit of a peaceful Israel-Palestine relationship.


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