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Advices to Youth by Ambassador (R) Fatih Ceylan

International Relations Theories, World Political History, Sources of Modern Thought are topics that most of us know very well, and they are very important. I will not even discuss the value of theoretical knowledge here. But in our globalizing world, problems change every day. Solving these problems also requires practical mastery.

In this interview with Honorable Ambassador (R) Fatih Ceylan, I asked questions that IR students who do not have the opportunity to gain experience in embassies can benefit from.

I would like to express my thanks again to Mr. Ambassador, who kindly agreed to interview me. He answered my questions sincerely and clearly. He generously shared his experiences for Gen-Z and gave very important advices to all students interested in this International Politics.

It was such a pleasant interview for me that I will never forget.

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